Cast and Crew

La Luna Productions presents



By Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei


Directed by Penny Bergman

Conceived by Penny Bergman and Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei


The ghost of a Japanese-American actress wreaks vengeance on the ambitious husband who betrayed her in this contemporary fusion of Macbeth and the kabuki Yotsuya Ghost Tales.



Michael Basile* Detective, Witch, Ross, Emmy Announcer, Lab Executive
Greg Brostrom* Bryan Eamon Quinn
Elaina Erika Davis* Keiko Tamiya
Patrick Goss* Jonathan Hecht /Hellen Gates Porter
Lynn R. Guerra* Entertainment Guru, Witch,
 Stage Manager, Flight Announcer
Karen Tsen Lee* Oiwa, Witch, Lennox
Darlene Tejeiro Lynn Berry
Mami Kimura and Tyler Pino Kurogo

Production Team

Producers La Luna Productions and Devil in the Machine
Set Design  Matthew Miller
Lighting Design Eric Nightengale
Costume Design Gina Cercone
Makeup Design Norman Bryn
Hair Design Christine Andry
Fight Director B.H. Barry
Choreography Sachiyo Ito
Music composed and performed by Yukio Tsuji and Sumie Kaneko
Production Stage Manager JP Elins*
Assistant Stage Manager Alexandra Tenenbaum
Technical Director Sean Gorski
Props Master Ryan Miller
Wardrobe Supervisor Elonna Bettini
Assistant Directors Blayze Teicher, Jules Kourtis, Becky Abwitz
Production Assistants Tyler McCombe, Travis Rasmussen, Katie Van Winkle, Rebecca Woontner
Publicity Daniel Demello – DDPR
Social Media Director Eileen Rivera
Graphic Design Gary N. Nomura
Web Design Patrick Mathis
Web Maintnence Peter Clem
La Luna Logo Design Spencer Potter

*Equity Approved Showcase @ghostlight2015