About Devil in the Machine

Our La Luna team is thrilled to join with Devil in the Machine, where high quality production meets raw, unrestrained commentary.Their groundbreaking contemporary work pushes boundaries by supporting the vision of innovative artists in theatre, film and digital media.

DEVIL LARGER PIC Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.44.23 AMWhen asked why support GHOST LIGHT: THE HAUNTING? They replied:

“It is a seductive story which explores important themes in our culture in a sly, subversive manner. Under the helm of Penny Bergman, its insightful twists on theatrical traditions and surprising combination of acting styles herald a revolutionary shift in Asian-American theater. We feel audiences are going to have a great time watching “Ghost Light: The Haunting,” and are proud to support this production.”

Check out them out at: http://devilinthemachineproductions.com