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“Ms. Bergman’s minimalist production employs various kabuki conventions, including live accompaniment of traditional Japanese-inflected music (Yukio Tsuji and Sumie Kaneko), black-garbed stage assistants, striking theatrical poses, female impersonation, and so on. GHOST LIGHT: THE HAUNTING, running in an Equity Showcase production, is an unusual contribution to the local theatre scene.”THEATRE’S LEITER SIDE



“If you are looking to get spooked-out theater style, then this is for you… loads of suspense and unexpected things that happen that will startle and rattle you and keep you on edge.”



“Revealing any more of the story of the delightful and chilling production would not only be unfair to you, but would very likely anger at least one very temperamental theater ghost… the perfect recipe for a goosebump-filled evening.”–



“fresh, modernized take as play-within-a-play of two Broadway-bound theatre stars with chilling yet cheeky homages to kabuki and Shakespeare’s Macbeth… delivering a genuine cross-cultural celebration of the revenge genre… hooked us into this pleasantly unpredictable theatrical experience from start to finish”–




“What makes the play linger in the heads and hearts of its audiences is the haunting performance by the lead actress; the mesmerizing choreography; and the spellbinding traditional music performed onstage by Yukio Tsuji and Sumie Kaneko… With minimal scenery and costumes, the play is still a visceral experience, enhanced by the Kabuki music and the physical movement of all the actors. It is this harmony of sound and sight that is truly haunting.”–